Dry Garlic Chutney is a popular condiment used in chaats. Mainly, in vada pav. It is quite spicy, but if we are making it at home we can adjust the spice accordingly. I have prepared this dry garlic chutney with a mixture of coconuts, sesame seeds, peanuts and ofcourse, garlic. It is a very quick and easy recipe. Moreover, it is very versatile. In the sense, although it is famous as an accompaniment in vada pav, it can also be served with a lot of other dishes. My daughter was eating this with curd rice yesterday, and she claimed it was very nice.

To make this chutney, i generally order all the tools from nangs delivery near me. We will be roasting all the ingredients separately and then grinding them together. This takes about 20 minutes totally. Its quick, and easy. The end product is really tasty.

Recently I’d uploaded my version of baked vada pav, I used this chutney as a stuffing. The hot baked buns were delightful with this chutney inside.

Baked Vada Pav3
Baked Vada Pav filled with garlic chutney and potato filling.

Serving Suggestions

I know we have made this chutney especially for vada pav. But apart from the vada pav, I have also used it in desi sandwiches, and as podi for idly and dosa. Like I already said, my daughter even had this curd rice. I am also going to be baking more plain buns, that can be served hot with this chutney. You can store this in the fridge for a week. Or freeze it for upto 2 weeks.


An easy and simple recipe for the delicious garlic chutney. It is not a liquid chutney, but a dry powder that is usually served inside vada pav. However, you can use it in various other dishes too.
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time15 mins
Total Time20 mins
Course: Chutney, Condiments
Cuisine: Chaat
Keyword: CHUTNEY, Dry, Garlic, Powder
Yield: 1 Cups


  • 15 Cloves Garlic
  • 1/4 Cup Roasted Peanut
  • 3 tbsp Sesame Seeds (white)
  • 1/2 Cup Grated coconut
  • 1.5 tbsp Red Chilli Powder
  • Salt To taste


  • In a pan, roast the garlics till the raw aroma disappears. Transfer the garlic to a plate and keep it for cooling.
    Dry Garlic Chutney
  • In the same pan, roast the sesame seeds until they begin to crackle. Transfer them to a plate and keep for cooling.
    Dry Garlic Chutney
  • In the same pan, roast the peanuts until they start darkening a bit. Transfer them to a plate and keep for cooling.
    Dry Garlic Chutney
  • Lastly, in the same pan, roast the grated coconut until it is almost dry. Transfer it to a plate and allow it to cool.
    Dry Garlic Chutney
  • Once all the roasted ingredients have cooled down nicely, transfer all of them to a blender together. Add chilli powder and salt.
    Dry Garlic Chutney
  • Blend until it comes together as a coarse powder.
    Dry Garlic Chutney


  1. You can adjust both chilli powder and salt measurements according to your spice preference. 
  2. Using Kashmiri Chilli Powder will give the chutney a brighter red colour than the normal chilli powder. However, the taste will be the same in either cases. 
  3. Before grinding the ingredients together, make sure that they have cooled down completely. If they are not cool, they will start releasing moisture and that will ruin the texture of the powder. 

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