As I already mentioned in my Tangy Mango Rice recipe, embracing summer means (atleast to me) getting into a big mango frenzy. Mangoes are downright amazing. Just one word that can describe them. They are amazing ! Not just mangoes, even raw mangoes. Beach mangoes (raw mangoes with chilli powder and salt) are a treat. If you have not had them yet, trust me. You should try it. With the lockdown in effect, it is upto us to substitute all the mango dishes we usually have outside. Like, that cold glass of mango juice in a small juice stall on a hot sunny day. Or, an amazing fresh mango milkshake in those juice shops that have a small outdoor seating, and is always bustling with people. Even Starbucks’ seasonal mango frappe is something that is very nostalgic now of times when we could go outside and frolic around.

It’s crazy how one fruit has so many memories attached to it. So, that’s why I decided that today I will try making mango thickshake (really creamy and thick mango milkshake). I had some really ripe mangoes at home, so I used them. However, you can also use just ripe mangoes. But since, I used super ripe ones, I just added about 2 tablespoons sugar. So, this thickshake if you think about it, is actually quite healthy too. Moreover, to make it really thick I used Amul Whipping Cream (30% fat), you can also use fresh cream instead. It might not be as thick, but it will still be delicious. Incase, you don’t have either of those, plain milk is just as good. You can serve this mango thickshake/milkshake with a scoop of good old vanilla ice cream, some toasted nuts or dry fruits.

Mango Milkshake3
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Mango Milkshake (Creamy Thickshake)

A simple heavenly mango milkshake/thickshake that can be made very quickly. Serve it cold along with the garnishes of your choice.
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time5 mins
Total Time10 mins
Course: Dessert, Snack
Keyword: creamy milkshake, heavy cream, Mango, milkshake, thickshake


  • 2 Mangoes Large, Chopped or scooped
  • 1 Cup Heavy Cream/Whipping Cream See notes for substitutes
  • 1/4 Cup Milk
  • Sugar To taste


  • Cut the mangoes or scoop them out.
    Mango Milkshake7
  • Take the cut mangoes in a blender, add the required* amount of sugar. Blend it to a fine pulp/puree.
    Mango Milkshake
  • Transfer the pulp to a large bowl.
    Mango Milkshake1
  • In the same blender, take the milk and cream (if you are not using cream at all, use 1 cup of milk totally), along with 4-5 ice cubes in the same blender jar. Blend it until they are well mixed.
    Mango Milkshake2
  • Pour it in the bowl with the mango pulp, whisk them together until a nice uniform yellow colour is obtained. Chill (if you prefer) before serving with the topping of your choice.
    Mango Milkshake5


  1. Required amount of sugar based on your taste and the sweetness of mangoes that you are using. 
  2. I am using 1 cup cream and 1/4 cup milk, use the same measurements for fresh cream. But if you are using just milk, use only 1 cup milk to avoid the milkshake becoming too thin. 
  3. However, if you prefer a thin lighter milkshake, adjust the quantity of milk accordingly. 
  4. You can also substitute cream and milk with 1 cup of mango ice cream if you have it. Decrease or omit sugar in the recipe if using mango ice cream. 


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