Generally, we only think of preparing fried brinjal or brinjal kozhambu. But kids lately scrunch up their noses for all of these containing brinjal. This Stuffed Brinjal dish however, is a very welcoming change for brinjal. It is very tasty, but at the same time it is also a nice way to make picky eaters eat brinjal. Moreover, the preparation is very simple and straight forward. Serving this dish with chapathis or rice will make for a very tasty meal.

This Stuffed Brinjal is known as “Bharva Baingan” , “ennegayi recipe”, badanekai yennegai” in other languages.There are many variation to this dish. Each Indian state has its own native egg plant flavour. This recipe has different variation in Karnataka, Meharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

You should properly select the brinjal for this recipe. It should preferably be of the small tender purple colored with white patches. If you select a ripe and huge brinjal it will not taste good. Do not chop the selected brinjals. Slit it vertically from the top upto 3/4th length. While preparing the dish the quantity of oil to be used is according to your personal preference. To get more flavour you can add more oil at the time of frying.

Brinjal contains fiber, copper, manganese, B-6, and thiamine. It also contains other vitamins and minerals. Its health benefit includes heart health, maintenance of cholesterol level, prevention of cancer etc., To get the complete nutritional and medical benefits of Brinjal click here

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Stuffed Brinjal is a very tasty and innovative way of cooking brinjal. It is well-liked by everyone, and its a great pairing with plain rice. People who really like the vegetable, can also eat it as such without rice or any other main dish.
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time35 mins
Total Time40 mins
Course: North Indian, Side Dish
Cuisine: North Indian
Keyword: aubergine, brinjal, eggplant, stuffed
Yield: 5 People


  • 500 gms Brinjal(Eggplant) Preferably, small violet ones.
  • 2 tbsp Oil

For Stuffing

  • Tamarind Gooseberry sized
  • 1 tbsp Coriander Seed
  • 1 tsp Fennel Seeds
  • 1 tsp Cumin Seeds
  • 1/2 tsp Carrom Seed
  • 1/2 tsp Nigella Seeds 'Karunjeeragam' in tamil, 'Kalonji' in hindi
  • 3 Red Chillies
  • 2 Onions Medium Sized, finely chopped
  • Salt To taste
  • 1/4 tsp Turmeric
  • 1 tsp Oil


Preparing the stuffing

  • Soak tamarind in 2 tbsp of hot water for 10 minutes. Extract thick juice after 10 minutes.
  • Dry roast the coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, carrom seeds, nigella seeds and red chillies. Grind this to a coarse powder.
  • Heat oil in a kadai.
  • Add chopped onions. Saute till the colour changes to brown.
  • Transfer this to a separate bowl.
  • Add the ground spice powder.
  • Add salt.
  • Add turmeric powder.
  • Add tamarind juice.
  • Mix all of this well, and keep it aside. This is the stuffing we will be using for the brinjal.

Stuffing the brinjal

  • Slit the brinjals lengthwise like shown in the picture, leaving a bit near the bottom such that it doesn't get cut entirely.
  • Stuff the brinjal with the masala we've prepared.

Cooking the stuffed brinjal

  • Heat oil in a kadai.
  • Once the oil is hot, place all the stuffed brinjals in the kadai. Make sure to not overcrowd the pan. Cover with a lid.
  • Cook for five minutes. Open the lid and turn the brinjals and again cook covered for another five minutes.
  • Roast the brinjals till they turn brown from all sides, and are cooked well. Remove them from heat, and serve it hot along with the dish of your choice.

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