My daughter has a sudden obsession with Bread butter jam, so obviously we are now swimming in bread loaves. But quite naturally, these come with an expiry date. So we had to think of a quick fix for using a lot of bread slices in one go. So I decided to make my own version of a veg club sandwich. It was the perfect solution because I could use 3 slices in one go. However, most of the recipes on the internet used a lot of potatoes, and I wanted to avoid that.

I came across Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich during one of my other raid the internet for recipes phase. And I wanted to try something like that. An Egg Salad Sandwich is basically one where boiled egg mixed with mayonnaise is used as the filling. To recreate that at home, I had two issues, one, we don’t eat eggs, and I didn’t have tofu as a substitute either. Hence, my version of Veg Club Sandwich uses Paneer. I am also not a super big fan of plain mayonnaise, so I avoided that as well. (I guess this is no more anything like the Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich then haha.) Instead of Mayonnaise I used Veeba’s Thousand Island Sandwich spread. If you like mayonnaise, or literally any other spread or sauce, you can use that. It is totally upto your tastes. This mixed with Paneer formed one half of the filling.

For the other layer, I used the classic combination of sandwich vegetables and a little grated cheese. I used tomato, onion, cucumber, and corn. This again is upto you, you can add boiled potatoes to the mix, or you can omit any of the vegetable as well. I also spread another flavour of Veeba’s sandwich spread and a little chilli garlic sauce before placing the vegetables. Now onto the actual recipe!

Veg Club Sandwich

An easy and quick way of preparing a two layered, sandwich with three bread slices. There is no set ingredient list, however I will explain everything in the steps. It is a versatile recipe, and you can add to it however you'd like to.
Prep Time15 mins
Active Time20 mins
Total Time35 mins
Course: Snack
Cuisine: Fast food
Keyword: How to make Club Sandwich ?, How to make eggless japanese egg salad sandwich ?, Paneer Sandwich, Using bread quickly before expiry date.
Yield: 5 PIECES


  • Cut up 200gms of Paneer into cubes, and tear the cubes into pieces of two or three like shown in the picture.
  • Also, get your choice of vegetables ready. I have used tomato and cucumber.
  • Along with onions, and boiled sweet corn.
  • Also, select the spread/sauce you want to use. I have used these two.
  • Spread a generous helping of the thousand island spread on one slice of bread. And place the almost scrambled pieces of paneer. The amount of paneer to use is totally upto you.
  • Cover it with a slice of bread, spread the chilli and cheese spread, along with chilli garlic sauce on the outer side. Its not the prettiest way of spreading the sauce, I know but it does the job, and also ensures that the sauce doesn't become too overkill.
  • Place the vegetables, and garnish with a good topping of grated cheese. You can also add a tiny pinch of pepper here. Close it with another slice of bread.
  • Spread butter on both the end slices, and toast it on a tawa. Alternatively, if you have a grill sandwich maker, you can use that as well.

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